Below is a brief history of the "Agency" (Pinkerton's).  This history was derived from the General Order Book, Section 0.1, Organization, dated February 13, 1983 and the second issue of The Eye, dated April 1952.  For additional information on the first fifty years of Pinkerton's please visit "The Eye" page or click here.

Pinkerton's National Detective Agency *

1850Pinkerton founded by Allan Pinkerton.  The first Pinkerton office was located at 80 Washington Street, Chicago, Ill.
1850-1884Individually, by Allan Pinkerton, the founder, who died in 1884.  In 1872, which was the year after the Chicago fire, the office was moved to 191-193 Fifth Avenue.  With today's numbering we believe that this would now be 127-129 South Wells Street.
1884-1907 As a partnership by William Allan Pinkerton and Robert Allen Pinkerton, the sons of the founder.  Robert Allan Pinkerton died in 1907 and was succeeded by his son, Alan Pinkerton.  In the middle of the  1890's William A. and Robert A. Pinkerton bought a six story building at 199-201 Fifth Avenue where the office was located until 1925.  With today's present numbering, we believe this would now be 137-139 South Wells Street.
1907-1925As a partnership by William Allan Pinkerton and Allan Pinkerton.  William Allan Pinkerton died in 1923.

Pinkerton's National Detective Agency, INC.

Jan 16, 1925Pinkerton's National Detective Agency, Inc was incorporated under the laws of the State of Delaware.
1925-1930As a corporation.  The first President was Allan Pinkerton who died in 1930.  He was succeeded by his son Robert Allan Pinkerton (pictured on the home page).
1930-1964As a corporation by Robert Allan Pinkerton, President.
Jan 1, 1965Name changed to Pinkerton's Inc.
Jan 1983Pinkerton's Inc. became a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Brands, Inc.


In the beginning there was the Pinkerton bible aka "The General Order Book" (GOB).  Originally the GOB forbade company officials and operatives to socialize outside of work.  This order eventually disappeared from the GOB, but many Old Pinks and their families never got to meet each other or to socialize, except on a very local level.

As the many Old Pinks began to leave and retire from the original company (after purchases and take-over's by other organizations) friendships and old respected colleagues were separated, except for the odd Christmas/Holiday cards, etc.

Ron Schmidt and Tony Purbrick were two of the last to leave the good old company and stayed in touch as described above.  In 1999 Ron Schmidt decided to venture north to New England to visit with Tony and his wife Corrine.  At dinner the conversation turned to reminiscing about old times at Pinkerton's and  wondering where all of the Old Pinks had landed.  This conversation led to the suggestion that each contact as many Old Pinks as they could to have a reunion.

The first meeting of Old Pinks was held on April 14, 2000 in Indian River Plantation, Florida.  The meeting was hosted by Tony Purbrick and Ron Schmidt.  The following 13 OldPinks attended: Tony Purbrick, Ron Schmidt, Dan Cunningham, Cliff Howell, Neville Theard, Garland Vance, Hank Neville, Dick Reed, Ted Osterbye, Richard Atkinson, Jim Robertson, Dick Robinson and Lynn Oliver.  Of course their wives also attended and this made the reunion even more satisfying.

At the first meeting it was decided that this should become a semi-annual affair and the Old Pinks Association was born.


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